“RugArt™ the Rolls Royce of Carpet Sculpting”

In the past custom made carpet sculptures were an old European craft, affordable only by the wealthy. Today, CSG’s exclusive RugArt™ process makes it possible that -- for the very first time -- even middle class consumers can afford one-of-a-kind custom carpets as detailed as a portrait, that match their decor.

CSG’s RugArt™ is an exclusive process which skillfully blends two or more pieces of carpet, of almost unlimited colors, textures and sizes, into a desired pattern. It transforms ordinary carpet into a powerful and vibrant design statement.

This amazing “Functional Art” can also be displayed on walls, with fiber-optics in iridescent colors. The applications are limitless. Our Proprietary CSG System™ and Patent-Pending Tools make RugArt™ truly the Rolls Royce of the Industry. No other process can yield such fine quality products.

Last Updated: December 16, 1996
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